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About Us

K & W finishing, inc. was established in 1988 as a part-time operation with a Miehle Vertical and a 10×15 Windmill. Since then we’ve continued to grow, strive and evolve to meet our customer’s needs. We’ve progressed a long way since we were a part-time shop leasing space in another facility and delivering our jobs in a Chevy Suburban.

Our current 25,000 square foot facility at 1207 Bernard Drive, Baltimore MD 21223 is easily accessed from I-95, centrally located, and awaiting your job. If you’re feeling nostalgic we can still pick up and deliver your job in a Suburban, but we have a fleet of trucks that usually handle our deliveries and pick up’s within the tri-state area for a nominal fee.

Employee Benefits

Below are links to more information on several employee benefits provided by K & W finishing, Inc.

  • Point Breeze Credit Union

    Access and transfer funds between accounts online, check up-to-date interest rates and more.

  • Printers 401k

    Check your nest egg, apply for loans, educate yourself on this valuable employee benefit and more by clicking on the link above.

  • Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance

    Create an account to schedule appointments, email your doctor, view your medical history, renew prescriptions and more online. When searching for a doctor, choose either the Select HMO or the Flexible Choice network depending on which benefit you have elected.

  • Advantica Eye Care

    Vision insurance is offered through the Advantica Eyecare Select Plus 150 plan. Use their website to learn more about Advantica and find a provider in your area.

  • MetLife Dental Insurance

    Dental insurance is provided my MetLife Dental. For maximum savings be sure to use a provider who participates in their preferred Dentist Program (PDP). These dentists have agreed to accept lower fees as negotiated by MetLife for ALL services provided.

  • The Printers Disability Trust

    A Managed Disability policy from the PDT combines both short and long-term disability insurance into one policy offering you and your family important income protection in trying times. Life insurance on yourself, your spouse, and your children is also available at group rates.