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Just wanted to say Thanks for always working with us on our crazy schedules. Enjoy your day.

- Denise

Your driver is here…give him a big thank-you for us when he gets back. He had a heck of a time getting up our hill in the snow, but he didn’t give up!

- Lisa F.

Ancil, Thanks to your guys for dealing with our mess yesterday. You, George, and Ray really took care of me. We absolutely love the save the dates. They look amazing and very high quality. Thank you and the entire team for all of your efforts in this project. Onto the next!

- Jen

Hey there, checked in with `{`end-customer`}`, he is very pleased-GREAT JOB! I know this project wouldn't have been possible without great resources such as your company.

- Kristi

Tell Ed I would kiss him but I don't like beards on men or on my women for that matter. Much appreciated. You get all my work. Thanks for knocking out that book for me for today. Attached is a PO for a job coming to you Tuesday.

- Scott

Here is the purchase order for the stitching project you did yesterday. Please thank everyone that pitched in to make it happen. You guys saved us in a big way getting it turned around like you did. I appreciate it very much.

- Rich Day


- Rueith Ottiger

BGE’s Print and Imaging Services would like to thank your production team for the cooperation, skill and quality they displayed in producing our Environmental Progress Report a few weeks ago…Craft skill quality is very important to our company and this report displayed skills in the perforating, folding, collating, and assembly of the report.

- Ken Bowers

In the past several weeks we have been very busy. That’s great; however, we have been hammered with tight turnarounds, and the lack of a truck driver… I realize the strain this has put on our suppliers, as you know, Reese is willing to do what we can do to make things happen. You and your employees have gone the extra mile to meet deliveries as well as help with trucking…On behalf of the customer service, estimating, and management staff, I want to thank you and your employees for the excellent service you have given Reese Press. K & W finishing is a case study in what good service should be in our industry.

- C.D. Wilmer

Thank you for your magnificent efforts in getting the Pricewaterhouse Coopers materials embossed. Earl was particularly helpful in planning this “beast” and staying on top of it. Your help in allowing the impossible to happen is greatly appreciated.

- Bing

Thanks for the recent gatefold job. I realize it was a small job to us but a very important job for our customer. The scoring and gatefold was absolutely perfect!

- Phil

I am writing to tell all of you how pleased I am with the top-notch service you have been giving me. As a Sales Representative, I am often in situations where customers want something that is almost impossible to have. This usually boils down to a tight production schedule. K & W, being the bindery, is at the last step of the production process. This leaves you with few options. Nevertheless, you come through… K & W finishing is firmly impressed on my mind as the bindery to turn to when things get tough.

- Ed Bracken